Junior and Senior Presentations

Junior Players, Join us for Junior Presentation day 

There’ll be trophies and lots of fun. 


Sunday September 10

Canberra Road Oval


Senior Players please join us for Senior Presentation Night 

from 6pm

Saturday November 11

Diggers Miranda

615 The Kingsway


Help Gwawley Bay host the Titans FC this Saturday

This saturday April 22,  Gwawley Bay FC will host the Sutherland Titans FC at our Canberra Road home ground.  

The Titans are a football club within the SSFA, dedicated to providing football for children  with diasabilities. 


To make this happen, Gwawley Bay needs as many volunteers  as possible.

If you would like to help with theses matches, you can volunteer between 9.30am -12pm  or 12pm -3pm.

Any help you can provide with the set up, pack up and overseeing of these matches will be greatly appreciated.

Lets make it a great day of football for our friends at the Titans. 

Thank you.

Gwawley Bay FC Executive

Meeting for 60th Anniversary plans. January 23

There will be a meeting on the 23rd of January at 6:30pm at Miranda Diggers. The meeting is to discuss the 60th Anniversary Crlebrations for the club, to see where we are at , more discussion points, general ideas and what people can help out with. All club players and supporters are invited to attend.